Diocese of Central New York, Report of Diocesan Conventions Excerpts of various reports regarding Christ Church, Clayton



1869 (1st Convention)

Report of Bishop Coxe Friday, March 5: Authorized the incorporation of a Church at LaFarge, Jefferson County.



Report of Bishop Huntington On the 20th of July I consecrated St. John’s Church, Cleveland. Corner stones of churches have been laid at Wellsburg, at Clayton, at Marcellus, and at Union Springs



Report of Bishop Huntington A few other young parishes ought to be referenced to …. Christ Church at Clayton has borne its burdens bravely, and has remitted no exertion, while it has looked almost in vain for help that it well-deserved from abroad, and is all the more entitled to our sympathy and to pecuniary proofs of it to-day, because of the temper and judgment it has shown in the management of its affairs.


Report of Bishop Huntington On the 18th last January, I consecrated Grace Church, at Earlville; January 17th, St. John’s Church, at Chenango Forks; February8th, St. Paul’s Church, La Fargeville; February 9th , Christ Church, Clayton; March 15th, St. John’s Church, Auburn. It seems to me only just to mention here the judicious and strenuous exertions made by the Pastors in these several cases to free the buildings from debt, and thus to prepare the way for their setting apart to holy uses, viz: the Rev. Messrs. Hubbard, Hooper, Brockway, and Lord.


Report of Clayton, Christ Church, The Rev. Wilfred H. Dean, Rector The above report includes the report of the Rev. A.A. Brockway, to Nov 1, 1882; and the report for the four months during which the present Rector has been in charge. The building of a Rectory is the work this people have, with gladness and zeal, undertaken


Treasurer’s Report The Rector, Church Wardens, and Vestrymen of Christ Church, Clayton, deed, conveys property located in the village of Clayton, Jefferson County, N.Y.



Report of Clayton, Christ Church, The Rev. Wilfred H. Dean, Rector During the year there has been placed in the belfry of the church a bell, the gift of William R. Stewart and wife, of New York, in memory of the death of their child Muriel on Sept. 7,

1884. For this gift the heartiest gratitude of all in the Parish is felt and expressed. The bell was used for the first time on Ascension Day, 1885.



First Missionary District (Jefferson and Lewis Counties) The Rev. W.E. Allen removed from the District about December 1st. Up to that time both Clayton and LaFargeville were faithfully and successfully worked by him. He was succeeded about March 1st by Rev. J.E. Walton. A new Rectory has been commenced at Clayton.


Parishes Reporting Donations to Support Christ Church, Clayton



St. Peter’s, Auburn $25.00 (they consecrated their new church on St. Luke’s Day 18Oct1870) Grace Church, Carthage $17.00 Grace Church, Utica $236.72, they spent $8000 for a new tower



Trinity Church, Watertown $185.00 St. Paul’s, Syracuse $288.00 (Rev. Henry R. Lockwood had become the new Rector) Christ Church, Oswego $87.00



Trinity Church, Watertown $115.00 St. Paul’s, Syracuse $100.00 Church of the Evangelists, Oswego $9.00



St. Paul’s, Syracuse $75.00



St. Paul’s, Syracuse $75.00



Trinity, Watertown $380.00 (for LaFargeville and Clayton) St. Paul’s, Syracuse $125.00



St. Paul’s, Syracuse $100.00

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