In 1968, Charles Wingerath, senior warden and local builder, was responsible for a new rear entry to the undercroft and the sacristy, using plans that he and George Kenyon had prepared. The addition was in the style of the church using matching materials. The foundation may have been from the original Clayton High School on Mary Street when it was demolished. At this time, the original corner stone was removed. It contained a box of items placed there during the construction in 1869. These items can be seen in the window sill as you go down the stairs at the rear of the nave. In 2003, a new parish hall extension, with a spacious kitchen and church office, was constructed at ground level. It is easily accessible for everyone by way of an outside ramp. At that time, two stained glass windows from the north side of the nave were moved to the west end of the new hall, and the Schneider window was moved to the Hugunin Street side of the office.




The first organist and choir director was Mrs. Brush, while the congregation was meeting in Barkers Hall. The organ was a Brush reed organ, made in Clayton and donated by the maker,

Mr. Brush. The first vested choir was formed in 1891. Boy and girl choristers were required to follow very strict rules of attendance and conduct and participate in two services every Sunday. Anyone who failed to attend two rehearsals weekly or were unvested for either the morning or evening service before the tolling of the last bell, was not allowed to sing in the service. In the 1920’s, a sanctuary guild supported the music program.

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Boy and Girl Choir in 1893

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