Since the earliest church records, parishioners and friends have been most generous, and most of the interior fixtures, candle holders, communion vessels and linens have been donated. The organ and updates to it have been made possible by major donations. The lumber for pews, lectern, and pulpit was donated. Looking around the nave and sanctuary, you will find many plaques recognizing these individuals for their generosity. These plaques, together with the windows, tell a story all their own.




In 1909. the rods to hold the sides in place were installed, then, in the 1920’s, were removed. As early as 1929, vestry minutes show the need for a parish hall. In 1938, plans were examined. Discussions continued over many years, until, in 1946, vestry minutes show that trees were cut between the rectory and the church, and large amounts of soil were removed. A blueprint bill was paid. At the same time, consideration was being given to a parish hall in the undercroft or basement of the church. In 1947, there was still talk about the undercroft, and then discussion of purchasing the Dr. Gray house on the corner of John and Hugunin, but that house was determined to not be suitable. At this time, the engineer developing the plans for any construction advised that the rods were essential to securing the building and needed to be replaced. In September 1948, there is a record of a $2,000.00 donation from the Anne Robinson estate, and in December 1949, George Hawn gave a gift $2,000.00 for a parish hall. Bids were awarded on September 15, 1949, for the hall in the undercroft. $15,000.00 was borrowed from the bank, the bids were awarded, and work commenced. On May 27, 1950, the new hall was dedicated. In May 1951, the vestry accepted an offer from William Robinson to donate property, located on Bluff Island, in memory of his sister Anne Robinson. In June 1951, the property was sold for $10,000.00. It appears that the remainder of the bank loan for the parish hall was paid, and the balance of $7,100.00 was invested by the purchase of 638 shares of the Diocesan Central Investment Fund #2 in 1952, where it remained until the early 2000’s, when it was combined with other memorial gifts with another investment firm.

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