As a recommendation from a diocesan survey of the North Country District in 1966-1967, St. John’s Cape Vincent and Christ Church, Clayton voted to merge on a trial basis for two years. It proved to be successful and the parishes became yoked, a new organizational format never tried in the diocese. Since then the two congregations have shared paying the cost of the salary and expenses directly related to this shared arrangement. Each church has its own vestry and maintains its own income and expenses for all other purposes. This arrangement continues to provide necessary financial and spiritual needs of both parishes.





Much credit must be given to all the faithful parishioners, whose work during the good times and the challenging times since 1868, have given us this gathering place. And we especially must remember the hard-working vestries, who guided the parish to become the caring spiritual home we know today. Since Mr. Lockwood came here in 1868 to become the spiritual leader and rector of Christ Church, we have been served by forty-one priests and rectors, each of whom brought us his/her interpretation of what it means to be a Christian and an Episcopalian. As we welcome our new priest, the 42nd, this summer of 2018, let us not forget that it is our responsibility to continue the work that is ahead to ensure a place for the future generations of our families and parishioners in the community. We can pray wherever we are, but we are very fortunate to have a caring and loving place to meet with others, to listen to the Word of God, and to discover the meaning of His words in homilies and in discussions. We pray, not only for our own needs, but for the many in the community, and in the world, who are hurting. We praise our Lord and say thank you to our loving God, and to receive the power of the Eucharist. THANKS BE TO GOD


Compiled by Sue Grant Sources for information:

Research done by Dan Grant in 1984 from Christ Church records

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