Transforming Generosity


“Transforming Generosity” is the chosen theme for our 2019 Stewardship campaign. You may have already noticed the additional insert in today’s bulletin. This “Transforming Generosity” theme is an opportunity for each of us to explore how generosity and transformation intersect. In the words of Richard Felton of TENS (The Episcopal Network for Stewardship): “Too often the annual pledge drive is limited to funding the church’s budget instead of transforming how we look at our calling as Christians. Too often we worry about surviving instead of taking up Jesus’ challenge to us to thrive.


When we establish new priorities for ourselves and for our churches, we transform how we think about generosity. That transformation will call us to look for generosity in every aspect of our work, in every aspect of our lives.” Join us in this exploration of generosity and transformation by setting aside a bit of time each week to reflect upon these inserts to be included through November 25, 2018.

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