Wedding Guidelines


  • One of the party is actively participating in the life of the Episcopal Church in their own locale 

  • Couple involve themselves in pre-cana conference with either local  clergy-person or clergy at Christ Church

    • Attend at least 5 sessions prior to church wedding

    • If done with local priest, a letter verifying the completion would need to be sent to Christ Church clergy no later than one month before the actual ceremony 

  • If pre-cana sessions are with local clergy in home parish, meeting with Christ Church clergy for at least two face- to face sessions in order to prepare for the wedding celebration

  • Use of a wedding booklet for ceremony is expected 

    • Christ Church clergy will provide template. Couple will print copies so that each person in attendance will have copy for participation. ​

Fees for those who are not members of the Christ Church
  • $500 contribution to the congregation

  • $250 fee for clergy includes

    • Preparation time with couple face-to-face and long distance​

    • Preparing the template for ceremony booklet

    • Overseeing the rehearsal

    • Actual service and sermon 

  • $150-250 Organist Fee

    • Celebration​

    • Rehearsal 

  • $50 Altar Guild Fee

    • How the Church will be prepared for the celebration ​


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